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Clumlie Broch

Clumlie Broch

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Clumlie Broch is located in Dunrossness, on the southern part of Mainland, Shetland about 8 kilometres north of Sumburgh Airport.[1] It stands on a low rise on flat arable ground.[2] The broch is at the centre of an abandoned croft,[1] which encroaches upon the ruins.[2]


The broch has an external diameter of 21 metres and an internal diameter of about 8 metres.[2] Much of the western side of the site is hidden by a stone dyke, but the entrance passage and a guard cell are visible.[2] The walls currently stand around 2 metres high.[1]


Clumlie Broch was partially excavated by Gilbert Goudie in 1887, who also restored part of the walling.[2] Goudie discovered a stone cist 75 centimetres above the floor of the broch and concluded that the broch had been used for burials after it had fallen into disuse.[2] Finds included stone implements, quern stones, whetstones, spindle whorls, and hammer stones.[2] There were also many pottery fragments and animal bones, shells, as well as a fragment of a painted Roman bowl.[2]


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