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Corpus of Electronic Texts

Corpus of Electronic Texts

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Corpus of Electronic Texts
Producer University College Cork (Ireland)
History 1992
Cost Free
Disciplines Irish history and culture
Record depth Index & full-text
Geospatial coverage Ireland
No. of records 1,601 (2016)

The Corpus of Electronic Texts, or CELT, is an online database of contemporary and historical documents relating to Irish history and culture.[1] As of 8 December 2016, CELT contained 1,601 documents, with a total of over 18 million words.[2] In 1992, CELT originated from the ashes of an unsuccessful partnership between University College Cork (UCC/NUI) and the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) through a project named CURIA.[3] According to CELT, the database "caters for academic scholars, teachers, students, and the general public, all over the world".[4]


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