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List of newspapers in Spain

List of newspapers in Spain

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In 1950 the number of daily newspapers in circulation in Spain was 104; by 1965 this figure had fallen to 87.[1] In 1984, in the period following the transition to democracy, the number of daily newspapers had risen to 115.[2] Since then, however, the advent of new media has been accompanied by a decline both in newspaper circulation figures overall and in the number of titles published, the years 2008 to 2012 seeing the closure of 31 titles.[3]


Below is a list of general-interest daily newspapers published in Spain with circulations of over 5,000, according to data from the Spanish Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión for the period January to December 2013.[4]

Title Website Headquarters Circulation Rank and other remarks
ABC abc.es Madrid 198,347 3rd
Ara ara.cat Barcelona 29,930 in Catalan
Canarias 7 canarias7.es Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 16,700
Deia deia.com Bilbao 19,336
Diari de Girona diaridegirona.cat Girona 7,735 in Catalan
Diari de Tarragona diaridetarragona.com Tarragona 11,548 in Catalan
Diario Córdoba diariocordoba.com Córdoba 10,547
Diario de Avisos diariodeavisos.com Santa Cruz de La Palma 10,085
Diario de Burgos diariodeburgos.es Burgos 11,614
Diario de Cádiz diariodecadiz.com Cádiz 18,469
Diario de Ibiza diariodeibiza.es Ibiza 5,593
Diario de Jerez diariodejerez.com Jerez de la Frontera 6,104
Diario del AltoAragón diariodelaltoaragon.es Huesca 6,116
Diario de León diariodeleon.es León 13,776
Diario de Mallorca diariodemallorca.es Palma de Mallorca 17,894
Diario de Navarra diariodenavarra.es Pamplona 45,658 1st in Navarre
Diario de Noticias noticiasdenavarra.com Pamplona 17,755
Diario de Pontevedra diariodepontevedra.galiciae.com Pontevedra 6,704
Diario de Sevilla diariodesevilla.es Seville 23,192
Diario Jaén diariojaen.es Jaén 5,642
El Comercio elcomercio.es Gijón 25,260
El Correo elcorreo.com Bilbao 100,291 7th; 1st in the Basque Country
El Día eldia.es Santa Cruz de Tenerife 18,848
El Día de Córdoba eldiadecordoba.es Córdoba 2,086
El Diario Montañés eldiariomontanes.es Santander 33,175 1st in Cantabria
El Diario Vasco diariovasco.com San Sebastián 68,509 9th
El Mundo elmundo.es Madrid 248,463 2nd
El Norte de Castilla elnortedecastilla.es Valladolid 30,062 1st in Castile and León
El País elpais.es Madrid 359,809 1st
El Periódico de Aragón elperiodicodearagon.com Zaragoza 8,000 (estimate)
El Periódico de Catalunya elperiodico.com Barcelona 168,911 5th – in Spanish and Catalan
El Periódico de Extremadura elperiodicoextremadura.com Cáceres 5,102
El Periódico Mediterráneo elperiodicomediterraneo.com Castellón de la Plana 9,636
El Progreso website Lugo 15,550
El Punt Avui elpunt.cat Barcelona, Girona 31,721 in Catalan
Faro de Vigo farodevigo.es Vigo 37,736
Heraldo de Aragón heraldo.es Zaragoza 46,757 1st in Aragon
Hoy: Diario de Extremadura hoy.es Badajoz 15,831 1st in Extremadura
Huelva Información huelvainformacion.es Huelva 6,937
Ideal ideal.es Granada 27,651
La Nueva España lne.es Oviedo 56,315 10th; 1st in Asturias
La Opinión A Coruña laopinioncoruna.com A Coruña 6,422
La Opinión de Murcia laopiniondemurcia.es Murcia 8,158
La Opinión de Tenerife la-opinion.com Santa Cruz de Tenerife 6,763
La Opinión de Zamora laopiniodexamora.es Zamora 6,740
La Opinión - El Correo de Zamora laopiniondezamora.es Zamora 6,740
La Provincia editorialprensacanaria.es Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 20,614 1st in the Canary Islands
Las Provincias lasprovincias.es Valencia 26,202
La Razón larazon.es Madrid 119,060 6th
La Rioja larioja.com Logroño 13,472 1st in La Rioja
La Vanguardia lavanguardia.com Barcelona 180,939 4th; 1st in Catalonia – in Spanish and Catalan
La Verdad laverdad.es Murcia 25,336 1st in Murcia
La Voz de Almería lavozalmeria.net Almería 6,683
La Voz de Galicia lavozdegalicia.com Arteixo 90,883 8th; 1st in Galicia
Levante levante-emv.es Valencia 30,908 1st in Valencia
Málaga Hoy malagahoy.es Málaga 10,006
Noticias de Gipuzkoa noticiasdegipuzkoa.com Gipuzkoa 7,447
Regió7 regio7.cat Manresa 7,279 in Catalan
Diari Segre diarisegre.com Lleida 12,861 in Spanish and Catalan
Sur diariosur.es Málaga 25,906 1st in Andalusia
Última Hora ultimahora.es Palma de Mallorca 31,142 1st in the Balearic Islands

Special-interest newspapers

Below is a list of business- and sports-related daily newspapers in Spain with circulations of over 5,000, according to data from the Spanish Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión. Below this list is a list of foreign-language newspapers in Spain.

Title Website Headquarters Circulation Remarks
AS as.com Madrid 214,654 2nd in sports circulation
Cinco Días cincodias.com Madrid 33,996 4th in business circulation
El Economista eleconomista.es Madrid 18,268 5th in business circulation
Estadio Deportivo estadiodeportivo.com Seville 8,662 6th in sports circulation
Expansión expansion.com Madrid 50,180 2nd in business circulation
La Gaceta de los Negocios negocios.com Madrid 34,150 3rd in business circulation
Marca marca.com Madrid 308,835 1st in sports circulation
Mundo Deportivo mundodeportivo.com Barcelona 101,449 4th in sports circulation
Noticias Bolsa noticias-bolsa.com Barcelona 15,740 6th in business circulation
Sport sport.es Barcelona 118,098 3rd in sports circulation
Super Deporte superdeporte.es Valencia 10,787 5th in sports circulation

Foreign-language papers (circulation figures are estimates):

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