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The Irish sept Mac Donnchadha, provides the origin of the McDonaghs, McDonoughs, Donoghs, and Donaghys.

The Mac Donnchadha were kings and chiefs of the túath of Tír Olliol, now the barony of Tirreril in Co. Sligo, where they were a branch of the Mac Dermots. The name also arose in Co. Cork where it was located in the Barony of Dunhallow, as a branch of the powerful McCarthys. They were known as the "Lords of Dunhallow, their stronghold was actually in Kanturk.

The name today is found in its greatest numbers in Connacht, in particular, Co. Galway

Name Meaning

"Son of Donagh - or Brown one"


VIRTUTIS GLORIA MERCES "Glory is the reward of valour".

Naming conventions

Male Daughter Wife (Long) Wife (Short)
Mac Donnchadha Nic Dhonnchadha Bean Mhic Dhonnchadha Mhic Dhonnchadha



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