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Gender Masculine
Language(s) English
Language(s) 1. Scottish Gaelic, from Old Norse
2. Norwegian, Swedish, from Old Norse
Word/name 1. SG Torcall, from ON Þorketill
2. Nr, Sw Torkel, from ON Þorketill
Derivation ON Þorr + ketill
Meaning "Thor" + "(sacrificial) cauldron"
Other names
Cognate(s) 2. Thorkel; Torkil; Torkild; Torkjell
See also Torcadall, Torcall

Torquil is an Anglicised form of the Norwegian and Swedish masculine name Torkel, and the Scottish Gaelic name Torcall. The Scottish Gaelic name Torcall is a Gaelicised form of the Old Norse name Þorkell. The Scandinavian Torkel is a contracted form of the Old Norse Þorkell. This Old Norse name is made up of the two elements: Þór, meaning "Thor" the Norse god of thunder; and kell (in some variants ketill), meaning "(sacrificial) cauldron".[1]

Scandinavian variants of the Torkel include: the Icelandic, Þorkell; Norwegian and Swedish Torkil, Thorkel; the Norwegian Torkjell; and the Danish Torkil, Torkild, Terkel.[1][2]

A variant spelling of the Scottish Gaelic Torcall is Torcull.

A similar Scottish Gaelic given name is Torcadall, which is also Anglicised as Torquil.[3]




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