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You call, we show up. Just another day on the job.
2016-05-18 14:08 BY rojokona
The poem in the picture was hanging at Fire Station 2, Laguna Beach, Ca. I must have read it hundreds of times over 20 years. It was one the..
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You call, we show up. Just another day on the job.
2016-05-18 13:55 BY rojokona
This poem is on a picture hanging at Fire Station 2 in Laguna Beach, Ca. I must have read it hundreds of times over my 20 year career. It ..
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Drinking espresso has become a way of life
2016-05-17 19:46 BY lisa
Drinking espresso has become a way of life for most people, particularly those who have heavy schedules and who take time out to relax with ..
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painting again
2016-05-16 20:14 BY rojokona
Aloha, did you ever do something you really enjoyed and then just stopped doing it? I loved to oil paint on rainy days in California. Put mu..
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Sunday @ Ahalanui Beach Park, big island, Hawaii
2016-05-16 10:37 BY rojokona
A nice Sunday drive to the other side of the Big  Island and a visit to Ahalanui Beach Park.  It was a natural spring fed pond tha..
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What is the difference between Blog and Weibo?
2019-02-17 09:36 BY Bigbear
A blog is a journal of ideas or a diary published online without character limit. Its owner has the freedom to express his opinions about on..
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2016-05-15 20:18 BY Liria
Once upon a time there was an old fisherman. He went fishing very early every morning, but he never cast his net more than four times a day...
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If you're seeking to reshape your life
2016-05-15 17:48 BY lisa
If you're seeking to reshape your life, reflect on the answers to these four questions to increase your awareness, expand your mindset, ..
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my wine geek story
2016-05-15 10:18 BY rojokona
Our daughter was born in April 1981, I knew nothing about wine. 20 years later, I had a small vineyard and I guess you can call me a wine ge..
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Soil Depletion and its Affect on Our Health
2016-05-14 15:09 BY rojokona
Soil Depletion and its Affect on Our Health“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” - Dr...
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A Hard Trip
2016-05-13 21:11 BY richard
My sister was fond of traveling. Ever since graduating, she had been determined to organize a trip to an old temple. Since transporting fare..
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A Volcano Eruption
2016-05-13 21:06 BY richard
As the best candidate, I was appointed to collect and evaluate information for a database about diverse natural disasters, such as hurricane..
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Abstract Art
2016-05-13 21:02 BY richard
Abstract art used to be controversial. On one hand, the artists stopped painting delicate figures but attempted to adopt special techniques ..
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3 strokes to help you quickly improve confidence
2016-05-13 15:18 BY lisa
There are some major benefits to having confidence, and there are proven methods to boost it.There's a saying that "confidence bree..
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The pig & Watermelon
2016-05-13 03:17 BY richard
In spring, the mother pig took the little pig LuLu to the foot of the mountain. They planted some watermelon.When summer came, there were ma..
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The miser
2016-05-13 03:14 BY richard
The miser and his gold Once upon a time there was a miser. He hid his gold under a tree. Every week he used to dig it up.One night a robber ..
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Scientists find friendship turn to turn the boat said the real reason!
2016-05-12 20:42 BY richard
They say friends are forever, but as it turns out, that old adage is actually not quite true.More than two thirds of Americans say they have..
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rest in peace my friend (original)
2016-05-12 13:15 BY surfkona
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Almost ready to launch
2016-05-11 18:47 BY Testing the blog (DaveO)
We will test our user account to make sure I get my points for this bolg :-)
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Mad Scientist
2016-05-06 10:39 BY rojokona
I am always amazed at what grows here on this planet. Here in Hawaii the diversity of plant and animal life in mine blowing. New strange flo..
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