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Research progress of OLED luminescent materials
2018-08-17 02:06 BY alfachemistry
IntroductionChip, display and battery technology are called the three major hardware technologies of the information industry. In the trend ..
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How to Start a One Man Taxi Business
2018-08-16 22:13 BY krunalvyas
If you have passion to drive vehicles and want to include it in your business, you should definitely think about starting one-person taxi bu..
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Anti Phishing by Hacken
2018-08-16 02:23 BY HubHacken
Phishing, spear phishing, whaling, and fraudulent Google ads are only some of the numerous ways how cybercriminals may steal your sensitive ..
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Introduction of OLED
2018-08-14 02:04 BY alfachemistry
Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) is also called Organic Electroluminescence Display. Since 2003, this display device has been widely..
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Security Assessment by Hacken
2018-08-09 09:25 BY HubHacken
What is a Security AssessmentData is at the core of any organization's activity. In order to utilize data efficiently, business needs to..
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Classification of Optoelectronic Materials
2018-08-06 02:14 BY alfachemistry
Optoelectronic materials are materials that process, store and transmit information using photons or electrons as carriers. They a..
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सोलर पैनल लगाना कितना फायदेमंद
2018-08-04 06:09 BY Loom Solar
अगर आप अपने घर, ऑफिस, हॉस्पिटल, फैक्ट्री, स्कूल, और पेट्रोल पम्प में सोलर पैनल लगवाने का विचार कर रहे हैं तो ये खबर खास आपके लिए है। सोलर पै..
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What Are The Latest Technology Solar Panels In 2018?
2018-08-01 06:47 BY Loom Solar
Rooftop solar has never been more affordable for home owners, business owners, and their communities.India has planned to install 40 GW sola..
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Software development consulting
2018-07-30 07:42 BY RDdev
Software development consulting servicesSoftware architectureWe apply our best practices and wide domain knowledge while designing the main ..
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Red and Blue Teaming by Hacken
2018-07-30 05:00 BY HubHacken
Red and Blue Teaming by HackenThe Red teaming term came from the military field and means a friendly attacking team, which evaluates the def..
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Introduction of Common Artificial Dyes
2018-07-30 01:05 BY alfachemistry
Artificial dyes include aniline dyes or coal tar dyes, which are widely used in a wide variety of applications. The disadvantage o..
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The Applications of Graphene
2018-07-29 20:37 BY alfachemistry
Graphene has been highly valued in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials and energy due to its unique electrical,&..
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Introduction of Common Natural Dyes
2018-07-29 20:32 BY alfachemistry
Natural dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants, invertebrates or minerals. Most natural dyes are derived from plants, including root..
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WhatsApp Sets Limits to Stop Rumors
2018-07-21 08:52 BY Jessie
Facebook’s WhatsApp will limit the ability of people to forward messages to large groups. The move is as an attempt to curb fast-spreading..
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Drowning the Internet
2018-07-21 08:42 BY A.J.
By 2030, rising sea levels may put 4,000 miles of fiber optic cable along the U.S. coasts underwater, threatening to upend the nation’s in..
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Applications of Boric Acid
2018-07-19 20:31 BY alfachemistry
Boric acid is widely used in industrial, agricultural, national defense and modern science fields. In recent years, with the developmen..
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Cellphone Pricing Increasing
2018-07-15 09:34 BY A.J.
Prices of average American cellphone plans are going up for the first time in two years, as wireless providers cut promotions, according t..
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Should Face Recognition be Regulated?
2018-07-15 09:29 BY A.J.
Microsoft’s president is calling on the U.S. Government to regulate facial recognition technology, which is used for everything from unloc..
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Coming Soon: Biological 'Fax Machines'
2018-07-15 09:26 BY A.J.
Researchers at biotech firm Synthetic Genomics have developed a device that can turn digitized DNA code — genetic blueprints — into biolog..
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Autonomous Robot Furniture
2018-07-15 09:15 BY Jessie
Who says furniture needs to stay put? Lebanese industrial designer Nour Malaeb has developed a piece of robotic furniture that users ..
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