The 1824–1825 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania was held between December 1824 and February 1825. William Marks was elected by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to the United States Senate.[1]


Incumbent Democratic-Republican Walter Lowrie, who was elected in 1818, was not a candidate for re-election to another term. The Pennsylvania General Assembly, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, convened on December 14, 1824, to elect a new Senator to fill the term beginning on March 4, 1825. Thirty-two ballots were recorded between that date and February 14, 1825. The results of the thirty-second and final ballot of both houses combined are as follows:

State Legislature Results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
National Republican William Marks 73 54.89
Democratic-Republican Thomas Burnside 27 20.30
Federalist John Sergeant 19 14.29
Democratic-Republican Samuel D. Ingham 2 1.50
N/A Not voting 12 9.02
Totals 133 100.00%


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