Philadelphia mayoral election, 1911

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  Portrait of Rudolph Blankenburg (1).jpg George Howard Earle Jr (1).jpg
Nominee Rudolph Blankenburg George Howard Earle Jr.
Party Keystone Democrat Republican
Popular vote 134,680 130,185
Percentage 50.85% 49.15%

Mayor before election

John E. Reyburn

Elected Mayor

Rudolph Blankenburg
Keystone Democrat

The Philadelphia mayoral election of 1911 saw the election of Rudolph Blankenburg.

This was the first time since 1881 that a Republican did not win the election, and the last time until 1951.[1]

Republican primary

In the Republican primary election held on 30 September 1911, Earle defeated William S. Vare by 23,000 votes and Samuel Broadbent by 26,000 votes.[2]

Major Republican Candidates:

George Howard Earle (1856-1928) - Earle was born on July 6, 1856 in Philadelphia. He was the son of lawyer George H. Earle. He a graduate of Harvard University and was a prominent lawyer. Earle was very politically ambitious, and ran for many positions, though he never won. He died on February 19, 1928 in Philadelphia. His son was Pennsylvania Governor George Howard Earle III.

William Scott Vare (1867-1934) - Vare was born on December 24, 1867 in Philadelphia. Vare was a career politician who was a Senator from Pennsylvania from 1927 to 1929. He died of a stroke on August 7, 1934 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Samuel Martin Broadbent (1845-1923) - Broadbent was born on July 6, 1845 in Philadelphia. He was the son of famous war hero and lawyer Daniel Broadbent. He was a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania. He was a wealthy businessman and investor who was Vice President of Bethlehem Steel from 1897 to 1912. He later served in the Pennsylvania State Senate’s 4th District from 1917 to 1921. He died on February 4, 1923 in Quebec City, Canada.

General election

Earle campaign ribbon
1915 Philadelphia mayoral election (general election)[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Keystone Democrat Rudolph Blankenburg 134,680 50.85%
Republican George Howard Earle Jr. 130,185 49.15%
Turnout 264,865


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