There were five special elections to the United States House of Representatives in 1949, during the 81st United States Congress.

District Incumbent This race
Representative Party First
Results Candidates
New York 7 John J. Delaney Republican 1918 (Special) Incumbent died November 18, 1948 during previous congress.
New member elected February 15, 1949.
Democratic gain.
Louis B. Heller (Democratic)
[Data unknown/missing.]
New York 20 Sol Bloom Democratic 1923 (Special) Incumbent died March 7, 1949.
New member elected May 17, 1949.
Liberal gain.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. (Liberal)
[Data unknown/missing.]
Pennsylvania 26 Robert L. Coffey Democratic 1948 Incumbent died April 20, 1949.
New member elected September 13, 1949.
Republican gain.
John P. Saylor (Republican)
[Data unknown/missing.]
California 5 Richard J. Welch Republican 1926 (Special) Incumbent died September 10, 1949.
New member elected November 8, 1949.
Democratic gain.
John F. Shelley (Democratic) 55.52%
Lloyd J. Cosgrove (Republican) 37.82%
Charles R. Garry (Democratic) 6.66%[1]
New York 10 Andrew L. Somers Democratic 1924 Incumbent died April 6, 1949.
New member elected November 8, 1949.
Democratic hold.
Edna F. Kelly (Democratic)
[Data unknown/missing.]

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