1981 United States House of Representatives elections


There were five elections in 1981 to the United States House of Representatives:

Elections are listed by date and district.

District Incumbent This race
Member Party First elected Results Candidates
Michigan 4 David Stockman Republican [data unknown/missing] Incumbent resigned January 27, 1981, to become Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
New member elected April 21, 1981.
Republican hold.
Maryland 5 Gladys Spellman Democratic [data unknown/missing] Incapacitated since last Congress and seat declared vacant February 24, 1981.
New member elected May 19, 1981.
Democratic hold.
Ohio 4 Tennyson Guyer Republican [data unknown/missing] Incumbent died April 12, 1981.
New member elected June 25, 1981.
Republican hold.
Mississippi 4 Jon Hinson Republican [data unknown/missing] Incumbent resigned April 13, 1981.
New member elected July 7, 1981.
Democratic gain.
Pennsylvania 3 Raymond F. Lederer Democratic [data unknown/missing] Incumbent resigned April 29, 1981, before a planned expulsion vote, having been convicted of bribery in the Abscam sting operation.
New member elected July 21, 1981.
Democratic hold.