2014 Ontario fireball


Coordinates: 44°09′N 77°47′W / 44.15°N 77.79°W / 44.15; -77.79 On 4 May 2014 around 4:17pm (EDT) a daylight bolide occurred near Ontario, resulting in a meteor air burst.[1][2] The meteoroid was estimated to be roughly 50–100 centimetres (20–39 inches) in diameter.[1] The explosion was estimated to be equivalent to approximately 10–20 tons of TNT.[1] The meteor was first seen in Peterborough and traveled on a southwest-to-northeast trajectory.[1][2] A meteor of this size impacts Earth about twice a week.[1]

The meteor was large enough that it may have generated meteorites.[3] A strewn field has not yet been located but would be downstream after dark flight. Weather radar returns suggest that the meteorite(s) may have landed near Codrington.[4][5]


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