2021 North Korean missile tests


The 2021 North Korean missile tests are a series of North Korean missile tests in 2021.


North Korea carried out test-launch of two upgraded KN-23 short-range ballistic missiles carrying a 2.5-ton live warhead each that correctly hit the simulated targets. While North Korea official statement reported a 600 km range, Japanese and South Korean sources reported that the missiles flew just over 400 km.[1] Later, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff revised their range assessment of new North Korean missile to 600 km and the Defense Minister said that blind spots due to earth curvature led to initial estimate of 450 km.[2]


On 11–12 September 2021, North Korea carried out tests of a new long-range cruise missile, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). The missiles flew for 1,500 kilometres and successfully hit their target in North Korea's waters, and were meant for a "strategic role" according to the news agency, which analyst Ankit Panda stated was a common euphemism for a missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads.[3]

On 15 September, North Korea fired two ballistic missiles off of its coast according to the South Korean military.[4]


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