24th Submarine Division (Russia)


The 24th Submarine Division (Russian: Дивизия АПЛ СФ 24) is a unit of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy. The Russian name consists of Дивизия (diviziya - division) АПЛ (APL as an abbreviation of Атомная подводная лодка - Atomic Submarine) СФ (SF as an abbreviation of Severni flot - Northern Fleet) and the division number 24 together.

24th Submarine Division
Sleeve Insignia 24th Submarine Division.svg
ActiveOctober 1985 – present
Allegiance Soviet Union
 Russian Federation
BranchMiddle Emblem of the Russian Navy.svg Russian navy
RoleNaval warfare
Part ofNorthern Fleet
Garrison/HQGadzhiyevo [ru]
Motto(s)Честь, традиции, долг (Honor, Tradition, Duty)
Rear Adm. Igor Fedorov[1]


With the Soviet Union launching submarines equipped with cruise missiles, the Soviet Navy, formed new formations to operate them.

The formation of the 24th Division was ordered by the Chief of Staff of the Navy from 11 May 1985 and implemented in the same year largely. Established 30 October 1985. Submarines were taken from existing formations and assigned to the newly formed division. First commander of the newly created division was Captain First Rank Mikhailovich.


  • Jul 1985-Oct 1987 VADM Vladimir Mikhaylovich Monastyrshin
  • Oct 1987-Dec 1989 VADM Nikolay Ivanovich Mazin
  • Dec 1989-Jun 1992 RADM Boris Sergeyevich Bogdanov
  • Sep 1992-Jun 1996 RADM Sergey Anatolyevich Bliznyuk
  • Jun 1996-Sep 1998 RADM Aleksandr Nikolayevich Bukin
  • Sep 1998-Aug 2000 RADM Aleksey Vitalyevich Burilichev
  • Aug 2000-xxx 200x RADM Vladimir Ivanovich Korolev
  • xxx 200x-present RADM Anatoliy Minakov


  • Akula-class submarine I-class SSN Pantera (K-317)
  • Akula I-class SSN Volk (K-461)
  • Akula I-class SSN Leopard (K-328)
  • Akula I-class SSN Tigr (K-154) [2]
  • Akula II-class SSN Vepr (K-157)
  • Akula II-class SSN Gepard (K-335)


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