2S22 Bohdana


The 2S22 Bohdana is a 155 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer developed in Ukraine. It is based on the 6×6 chassis of the KrAZ-6322. It has an armoured cabin and enough storage for around 20 shells. The howitzer has a minimum range of 780 meters, and a maximum range of 40 km with HE/AP ammunition or 50 km with a rocket-assisted projectile. It had an average rate of fire of six shells per minute.[citation needed]

2S22 Bohdana
Bohdana self-propelled howitzer (cropped).jpg
2S22 Bohdana
TypeSelf-propelled artillery
Place of originUkraine
Service history
In service2018 – present
Used byUkrainian Ground Forces
Production history
DesignerKramatorsk Heavy Duty Machine Tool Building Plant [uk][1]
Mass28 tonnes (62,000 lb)

Rate of fire4–8 rounds per minute
Maximum firing rangeHEIAP: 35–40 km (22–25 mi)
RAP: 45–60 km (28–37 mi)

155 mm howitzer
Engine380–420 hp (280–310 kW)
1,200 km (750 mi)

The first public demonstration of the howitzer was in the Kyiv Independence Day Parade of 2018. Fire tests were first conducted in October, 2021.

In May, during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, videos on social media have appeared allegedly showing the use of the 2S22 Bohdana on the Battlefield. At that point in time the weapon has not officially been incorporated into the army yet.[2]

On 7 May 2022 Forbes reported that only one copy of the 2S22 was produced and that "It Just Joined The War".[3]

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