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The ASME Medal, created in 1920, is the highest award bestowed by the ASME (founded as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Board of Governors for "eminently distinguished engineering achievement".[1][2] The award has been presented every year since 1996 (first medalist was awarded in 1921), and it consists of a $15,000 honorarium,[2] a certificate, a travel supplement not to exceed $750, and a gold medal inscribed with the words, "What is not yet, may be".[3]

ASME Medal
Awarded forhighest award bestowed to recognize “eminently distinguished engineering achievement.”
CountryUnited States
Presented byASME
Reward(s)Certificate, honorarium and Medal
First awarded1920

ASME also gives out a number of other awards yearly, including the Edwin F. Church Medal, the Holley medal, and the Soichiro Honda medal.[4]

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