Advanced Info Service


Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited
Founded24 April 1985; 36 years ago (24 April 1985)[1]
FounderThaksin Shinawatra
HeadquartersPhaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand[2]
Area served
Key people
Chairman: Vithit Leenutaphong, CEO: Somchai Lertsutiwong
ProductsMobile network, Internet service provider, Internet TV
ServicesMobile telephony, Internet
RevenueIncrease 180.89 billion baht (2019)[3]
Increase 37.40 billion baht (2019)[3]
Increase 31.19 billion baht (2019)[3]
Total assetsDecrease 289.67 billion baht (2019)[3]
Total equityIncrease 69.39 billion baht (2019)[3]
Number of employees
10,586+ (2013)[4]
ParentIntouch Holdings

Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) is Thailand's largest GSM mobile phone operator with 39.87 million customers as of Q3 2016.[5][failed verification] Founded in April 1986, AIS started off as a computer rental business.[6] In October 1990, it launched analog 900 MHz mobile phone services with a 20-year monopoly concession from the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT), and later became the first company allowed to operate on the GSM-900 frequency.[7] It acquired Shinawatra Paging in June 1992.[citation needed]

The company is controlled by the Intouch Holdings (formerly Shin Corporation), headed by Temasek Holdings, a Singapore government-owned agency. AIS listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 5 November 1991 (1991-11-05).[8] As of 23 December 2011, Intouch holds 40.45 percent of the shares of the company and Singapore Telecommunications (also majority-held by Temasek) together with Thai Trust Fund and OCBC Nominees holds a 23.32 percent stake.[9][10][11]

Temasek bought the AIS brand through the 2006 acquisition of the Shin Corporation from ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.[12]

In February 2014, in a conflict between the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PRDC) and Shinawatra, the PDRC called for a boycott of AIS, wrongly believing it to be owned by the Shinawatra family.[13]


  • Advanced Contact Center Company Limited (ACC) - operate AIS Call Center 1175 and 1148
  • Advanced Datanetwork Communications Company Limited (ADC) - provide online data communication service via telephone lines under the name "Datanet", licensed by TOT
  • DataNetwork Solutions Company Limited (DNS) - provide online data communication service via telephone lines under the name "Datanet" in the provincial area
  • mPay - payment processing and e-wallet service


mPay, an AIS subsidiary, is a payment processor and one of Thailand's three major payment service providers.[14] Its partners include CIMB[15] and 2C2P.[16]

According to a 2014 article in The Nation, mPay has around 1.6 million registered users, of which roughly 1.2 million are end-users and 400,000 are mPay agents. 150,000 of mPay's end-users use the service monthly, spending on average 30,000 baht.[17] In November 2015, four million people in Thailand used mPay,[18] and in August 2013, mPay had around 700 merchant partners.[19]

Services and coverage

As of August 2019, AIS is the largest network in Thailand, with 40.1 million subscribers.[20] In addition to post pay services, AIS offers prepaid services under the 1-2Call brand.

Currently (2020) data is sold in time-based, volume-based and unlimited packages.

AIS operates 2G , 3G WCDMA/HSPA+, LTE, 5G NR, NB-IoT, and eMTC networks.

Frequencies used by AIS's Network in Thailand
Frequency Frequency
Generation Radio interface Notes
700 MHz 28/n28 15 4G/5G LTE/NR
900 MHz 5 2G GSM
900 MHz 8 10 3G UMTS/HSPA
900 MHz 8 10 4G LTE
1800 MHz 3 20 4G LTE (main frequency)
2100 MHz 1 10 3G UMTS/HSPA
2100 MHz 1 20 4G LTE
2600 MHz 41/n41 100 (TDD) 4G/5G LTE/NR dynamic spectrum sharing
26 GHz n258 1200 5G NR

Wi-Fi hotspots

AIS owns and operates more than 100,000 Wi-Fi hotspots under the name "AIS SUPER WIFI."

Next G

In 2017 AIS announced it has teamed up with Samsung Electronics to combine Wi-Fi and LTE in a gigabit-speed mobile service called AIS Next G. The new network is estimated to be 15 times faster than the existing LTE and four times faster than the tri-band LTE-A, the fastest wireless network currently available in Thailand.

AIS Play

AIS also provides online multiplatform entertainment, business and financial services called AIS Play that was launched on 1 February 2017. AIS Play is the first Thai IPTV with 4K resolution, VOD and more than 100 popular channels. The current channel lineup is:

As CJ ENM HK (Previously for FOX Network Group, until 1 October 2021, it will be launched as Disney+Hotstar in platform, except tvN) :

  • tvN
  • tvN Movies (On demand, Coming soon)

Following with as WarnerMedia Asia:

Following with Discovery Network:

Following with KC Global Media (formerly Sony Pictures Network Asia)*

Following with A+E Network Asia*

Following with NBC Universal

Once Channel:

Following with Blue Ant Media:

Following With Viacom CBS International Asia

Following with BBC Studios

Freemium channels:

100 more free to air channels are available.

Brand Mark logo

Company logo


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