Air Force Special Duty Ribbon


Air Force Special Duty Ribbon
USA Air Force Special Duty Ribbon.png
Special Duty Ribbon
Presented bythe Department of the Air Force[1]
StatusCurrently awarded
Established4 September 2014[2]
Next (higher)Air Force Longevity Service Award[2]

The Air Force Special Duty Ribbon is a ribbon that is only awarded by the United States Air Force. Established 4 September 2014 by the Secretary of the Air Force,[2]


The Air Force Special Duty Ribbon is awarded to those service members who complete a special duty assignment, or are awarded a special duty Air Force Specialty Code or special duty assignment. The award is for service after 4 September 2014, and cannot be retroactively awarded. The following are qualifying special duty assignments:[2]


The Air Force Special Duty Ribbon is a symmetrically striped ribbon 1+38 inches (35 mm) wide. At the outside edges of the ribbon are stripes of graphite blue and silver gray both 116 inch (1.6 mm) wide. Next is a broader stripe 316 inch (4.8 mm) wide of ultramarine blue, bordered on the inside by a stripe of silver gray next to a stripe of scarlet, both 116 inch (1.6 mm) wide. In the center of the ribbon is a white stripe 12 inch (13 mm) wide bisected by an ultramarine blue stripe 18 inch (3.2 mm) wide.[3]

Subsequent awards of the Air Force Special Duty Ribbon are denoted by oak leaf clusters.[2]


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