Air commanders of World War I


The air commanders of World War I were army or navy officers who came to command air services during the first major conflict in which air power played a significant role.

Entente Powers air commanders

British Empire

Australian Flying Corps

Royal Flying Corps

Director-General of Military Aeronautics
General Officer Commanding the RFC in France
Major-General Hugh Trenchard

Royal Naval Air Service

Heads of the RNAS

Royal Air Force

Chief of the Air Staff


Director of Military Aeronautics

Head of the Service Aéronautique


Imperial Russia


United States

Chief of Air Service of the American Expeditionary Force in France

Air Commander, Zone of Advance on the American Expeditionary Force in France

Central Powers air commanders


Inspector of Flying Troops

  • Colonel Walter von Eberhardt, Inspector of Flying Troops (1913–1914)
  • Major Richard Roethe, Inspector of Flying Troops (1914–1916)
  • Major, later Lieutenant-Colonel Wilhelm Siegert, 2nd Staff Officer of Field Air Services (1915–1916), Inspector of Flying Troops (1916–1918)
  • Captain Wilhelm Haehnelt, Air Commander 5th Army (1915–1916), Air Commander 1st Army (1916–1918), Inspector of Flying Troops (1918–1919)

Austro-Hungarian Empire

Ottoman Empire



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