Alexandru Movilă
Prince of Moldavia
Reign22 November 1615 – 2 August 1616
PredecessorȘtefan IX Tomșa
SuccessorRadu Mihnea
FatherIeremia Movilă

Alexandru Movilă (1601 – 1620) was Prince of Moldavia from 1615 to 1616.


The second son of Ieremia Movilă and his wife Erszébet Csomortany de Losoncz, he is taken to the throne by his mother after the death of his elder brother Constantin Movilă.

Supported by Poland he succeeded to establish himself as prince of Moldova on November 22, 1615 in the place of Ştefan II Tomşa. His troops were however defeated by the Turks and he was taken prisoner on August 2, 1616 with his younger brother Bogdan. They are sent to Constantinople where they convert to Islam and disappear from history. Their mother who took part in the campaign at the head of the army, is captured at the same time as them. Attributed as a concubine to an Ağa she is locked in her harem where she dies around 1620.


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Preceded by
Ștefan IX Tomșa
Prince of Moldavia
Succeeded by
Radu Mihnea