All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade


Russian Foreign Trade Academy, RFTA, VAVT (Всероссийская академия внешней торговли, ВАВТ) is a Russian university (academy) for students of international economics, finance, management and law.


VAVT is a complex of administrative and university buildings, situated in Moscow, between Pudovkina street and Vorobievskoe shosse. There is a gym with swimming pool, halls for conferences and two canteens for staff.


The Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia is a state educational establishment of higher professional education founded in 1931 as the only educational establishment of the country intended to train executives and employees for work in foreign trade on the basis of higher education and practical work experience. In 1939 RFTA offered its first graduate program in International Economic Relations major, and remained a graduate school until 1996 when it launched its first undergraduate program in International Economics major, followed by undergraduate programs in Law, Management and Finance.

VAVT todayEdit

The academy is a higher education establishment which trains personnel for work in the field of Russian foreign trade policy. It has 15 thousand graduates.

It conducts research in the fields of international trade, law and Russian foreign economic policy. It has published dozens of textbooks on economics, law and management, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science as the basic textbooks for all higher educational establishments.

VAVT has partnership relations with foreign training centers of related profile.


Famous RFTA alumni include:

  • Hippolyte Dumoulin, international economist
  • Dmitry Korobkov, founder and Chairman of the Board of ADV


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