All the Ships at Sea


All the Ships at Sea is a 2004 American independent drama film directed by Dan Sallitt.

All the Ships at Sea
Directed byDan Sallitt
Written byDan Sallitt
Produced byJulie Spiegel
  • Strawn Bovee
  • Edith Meeks
CinematographyDuraid Munajim
Edited byDan Sallitt
Static Productions
Distributed byGrasshopper Film
Release date
Running time
64 minutes
CountryUnited States

Synopsis Edit

A professor of theology, named Evelyn (Strawn Bovee), and her sister Virginia (Edith Meeks), reunite to discuss their past experiences and what having religious beliefs means to them.

Cast Edit

  • Strawn Bovee as Evelyn
  • Edith Meeks as Virginia
  • Dylan McCormick as Joseph
  • Lois Raebeck as Ann
  • Walt Witcover as John
  • Megan Yelland as Waitress
  • Gary Bryden as Trucker

Reception Edit

In a positive review for Variety, Scott Foundas said, "To encounter characters this authentically self-aware and introspective in an American film is rare, and pic heightens the effect by keeping the camera motionless and shooting in uncluttered, tableau-like close-ups and two-shots, putting Evelyn and Virginia front and center almost the entire time."[1]

In a retrospective of Sallitt's films, Dana Stevens of Slate wrote about All the Ships at Sea, saying, "The encounter of these two women makes for a philosophically rich, emotionally naked chamber piece that’s reminiscent of Bergman films like Persona or Through the Glass Darkly."[2]

References Edit

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