Mission typeEarth observation
OperatorAlgerian Space Agency
COSPAR ID2016-059C
SATCAT no.41785Edit this on Wikidata
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass103 kilograms (227 lb)[1]
Start of mission
Launch date26 September 2016, 03.44:00 (2016-09-26UTC03:44Z) UTC
Launch siteSriharikota
Orbital parameters
RegimeSun synchronous
Periapsis altitude700 kilometres (430 mi)
Apoapsis altitude700 kilometres (430 mi)
Inclination98 degrees
Period98.5 min

Alsat-1B is an Algerian satellite operated by the Agence Spatiale Algerienne for agricultural and disaster monitoring.[2][3] The contract for the mission was signed in July 2014. The satellite is based on the SSTL-100 bus. The satellite weighs 103 kilograms (227 lb) and carries an earth imaging payload with 12-metre (39 ft) panchromatic imager and 24-metre (79 ft) multispectral cameras.[4][2]


The satellite had high participation from ASAL, with eighteen engineers that worked on assembly, integration, and test. Additionally, at the University of Surrey, 18 students used the satellite as a part of their graduate degree research.[2]


The satellite was launched on 26 September 2016 into a 670-kilometre (420 mi) altitude polar orbit by ISRO using the PSLV-C35 rocket.[5] It was launched with several other satellites. The primary payload was SCATSAT 1, which was launched into a Polar Sun Synchronous Orbit. This was the first time PSLV launched satellites into different orbits. Algeria had three satellites that it will operate launch in that group, which were AlSat-1B, AlSat 2B, and AlSat-Nano. AlSat-2B also had imaging capabilities, but they are higher resolution than AlSat-1B. Of the eight satellites launched by PSLV, five of them were foreign. The remaining satellites were BlackSky Pathfinder 1, Pratham, PISat, and CanX 7.[3][4]

Alsat-1B uses three body mounted solar panels for power generation, and a 15 Amp-hour Li-Ion battery for power storage. It uses warm gas, butane powered resistojets for propulsion.[3] The attitude control system uses sun sensors and magnetometers.[6]


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