Amasis (potter)


Olpe by the Amasis Painter; Paris, Louvre F 30
Signature by Amasis on an olpe, 550-540 BC; Paris, Louvre F 30
Band cup potted by Amasis and painted by the Amasis Painter, 550-540 BC, LouvreF 75

Amasis was an ancient Attic potter, active in Athens between 560/550 and 530/520 BC. Amasis’s pottery workshop also employed a well-known painter, who is conventionally named the Amasis Painter after the potter, and generally considered one of the best Archaic vase painters. His works are mostly black-figure, but some red-figure vase paintings by him do occur. He and Exekias produced the first major painted amphorae with a narrative image on front and back, respectively. Famous works:

  • Amphora: Satyrs harvesting grapes (Würzburg, Martin-von-Wagner-Museum)
  • Amphora: Dionysos with a kantharos and youths with slain hares and foxes (Munich, Staatliche Antikensammlungen)


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