Amelia Reid


Amelia Reid (November 13, 1924 – March 3, 2001) was a pilot, flight instructor, businesswoman, airshow performer, and airport advocate.

A plaque honoring Reid at Reid Hillview Airport in San Jose.

In 1960 Reid founded Amelia Reid Aviation, a flight school at Reid-Hillview Airport in San Jose, California. She ran the business out of her 1959 Ford and later, two trailers. She mortgaged her home and constructed a permanent hangar and office building in 1967, from which she operated her flight school for the rest of her life.[1]

Reid logged over 55,000 flight hours and trained more than 4,000 pilots. She flew in countless airshows, her last at age 75 in a Cessna Aerobat. She won the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Lawrence P. Sharples Award and was inducted into the National Association of Flight Instructors Hall of Fame.[1][2][3]

Reid's students include noted airshow performer Sean D. Tucker, aviation author and speaker Rod Machado, aerospace engineer and author H. Paul Shuch (whose recurring fictional character Avalon Eden[4] is based in part on Reid), and Jason Dahl, the captain on United flight 93 on September 11, 2001.


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