Amy B. Jordan (astronomer)


Minor planets discovered: 3 [1]
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Amy B. Jordan is an American astronomer and a discoverer of minor planets who works at the University of Colorado.


In 2002 she was part of the team which discovered (95625) 2002 GX32, a resonant Kuiper belt object at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile.[2] She also co-discovered two main-belt asteroids.[1] In 2005, she was a teaching assistant at the Summer Science Program, which teaches astronomy to high school students using a curriculum based on observing and calculating orbits of asteroids.

List of discovered minor planets

(95625) 2002 GX32 8 April 2002 list[A][B]
(543956) 2014 QQ387 1 April 2003 list[A]
(545187) 2011 BR93 1 April 2003 list[A]
Co-discovery made with:
A M. W. Buie
B J. L. Elliot

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  • Chiang, EI, Jordan, AB, (2002). On the Plutinos and Twotinos of the Kuiper belt.[3]
  • Chiang, EI, Jordan, AB, Millis, RL et al. (2003). Resonance occupation in the Kuiper belt: Case examples of the 5: 2 and Trojan resonances.[4]


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