Andrijaš Vukašinović Mrnjavčević
King (nominal)
PredecessorVukašin Mrnjavčević
SuccessorPosition abolished
Full name
Andrijaš Vukašinović Mrnjavčević
HouseHouse of Mrnjavčević
FatherVukašin Mrnjavčević

Andrijaš Vukašinović Mrnjavčević or Andrija Kraljević (?) was a 14th-century Serbian noble who governed the region of Prilep 1371–1395. His father was the Serbian King Vukašin (co-ruler with Stefan Uroš V). His brother was the Serbian King Marko, who ruled the region of Macedonia (Old Serbia) from 1371 to 1395.

He held a territory of his older brother Marko's realm, he minted his own coins and had the title of "King" (hence "Kraljević").[1] After the death of Marko in 1395, Andrijaš and his brother Dmitar left Macedonia to settle with the Serbs in Ragusa, there they receive a treasure which their father King Vukašin had left for them. From Ragusa they headed for Hungary where they settled with other Serbs, Dmitar became "Great Zupan of Zărand" and "Royal Commandant of the city of Villagoš" where there were many Serbs.[2] According to the Dečani chronicle, Andrijaš died in the Battle of Rovine.[3]

Political offices
Preceded by
Župan of Prilep
King Vukašin
Under Stefan Dušan
King of Prilep
(Sub-ordinate to King Marko)

Succeeded by
Position abolished
(Ottoman Empire)


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