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MTA NYC logo.svg Staten Island Railway station (rapid transit)
Annadale station - September 2020.jpg
Annadale station in September 2020.
Station statistics
AddressAnnadale Road & Sneden Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10312
BoroughStaten Island
Coordinates40°32′26″N 74°10′42″W / 40.54043°N 74.17840°W / 40.54043; -74.17840 (Annadale Station)Coordinates: 40°32′26″N 74°10′42″W / 40.54043°N 74.17840°W / 40.54043; -74.17840 (Annadale Station)
ServicesLocal All times except rush hours in the peak direction (All times except rush hours in the peak direction)
Express Rush hours in peak direction only (Rush hours in peak direction only)
Transit connectionsBus transport New York City Bus: S55
Platforms2 side platforms
Other information
OpenedMay 14, 1860[1]
Rebuilt1939, 1990s
Station code515[2]
Station succession
Next northEltingville
Next southHuguenot

Annadale is a Staten Island Railway station in the neighborhood of Annadale, Staten Island, New York.


Annadale opened on May 14, 1860, when the Staten Island Railway was extended from Eltingville, one stop to the north.[1] The original station building was replaced in 1910, moved a short distance, expanded into a residence, and finally moved to Historic Richmond Town in 1975.[3]

The 1910 station was rebuilt in 1939 as part of a grade crossing elimination project.[4] The station was rehabilitated in the 1990s as part of an SIR-wide upgrade/platform lengthening project.

Station layout

The station is located in a shallow open cut at Annadale Road and Sneden Avenue on the main line. It has two side platforms and light orange color walls and tiles.[5]

M Overpass Exit/entrance, connection between platforms
G Street level Station house, exit/entrance, buses, parking
Platform level
Side platform
Southbound NYCS-bull-trans-SIR-Std.svg toward Tottenville (Huguenot)
Northbound NYCS-bull-trans-SIR-Std.svg toward St. George (Eltingville)
Side platform


Southbound platform

The north end has a street-level brick stationhouse at Annadale Road,[6][7] while the south end, next to Belfield Avenue, has an overpass and stairs to each platform.[6][8] On the northbound side, there is a second set of stairs that leads to an adjacent parking lot near Tenafly Avenue, operated by the MTA as a park and ride facility.[9]


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