Anton Ambschel


Anton Ambschel (Ambschl, Ambschell, Ambšl) (1 December 1746 in Cerknica – 14 July 1821 in Bratislava, Slovakia) was a Slovenian[1] mathematician, physicist, philosopher and astronomer.

Anton Ambschel besides Jakob Štelin, Martin Kuralt and Franz Samuel Karpe presents a group of Slovene Enlightenment philosophers from the 17. and the 18. century.[1] He was writing in Latin and later German.

In year 1678 he entered the Jesuits. Between years 1773 and 1785 he worked as a public and full professor of physics on Jesuits board in Ljubljana. Till 1785 he was also board chancellor. He was later dismissed. Till 1803 he was working as a professor of physics and mechanics at the University of Vienna. He was a member of Academia Operosorum Labacensium.

Even though he was a physician, his main work in German, Anfangsgruende der allgemeinen auf Erscheinungen und Versuche gebauten Naturlehre I-VI was established via Liebniz-Wolff rationalism. With this book, he renounced his scholasticism. In this book he established nature empirically and phyisics was literary for describing effects between bodies.


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