Arsenije II
Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch
ChurchSerbian Patriarchate of Peć
SeePatriarchal Monastery of Peć
Term ended1463
PredecessorNikodim II
SuccessorPavle I
Personal details
DenominationEastern Orthodox Church
OccupationPrimate of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Arsenije II (Serbian Cyrillic: Арсеније II) was Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch from 1457 to 1463.[1]

Arsenije was the primate of the Serbian Patriarchate of Peć and the last known Serbian Patriarch of the medieval era. During his tenure, Ottoman Turks conquered Serbian capital city of Smederevo in 1459, destroying the Serbian Despotate.[2] After his death in 1463, new patriarch was not elected and Serbian Patriarchate of Peć entered the period of prolonged vacancy.[3]

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Eastern Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Nikodim II
Serbian Patriarch
Title next held by
Pavle I