Avanhandava (meteorite)


Meteorito Avanhandava MN 01.jpg
ClassOrdinary chondrite
RegionSao Paulo
Coordinates21°27′37″S 49°57′3″W / 21.46028°S 49.95083°W / -21.46028; -49.95083Coordinates: 21°27′37″S 49°57′3″W / 21.46028°S 49.95083°W / -21.46028; -49.95083[1]
Observed fallYes
Fall date1952
TKW9.33 kg
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Avanhandava is an H chondrite meteorite that fell to earth in 1952 in São Paulo, Brazil.[2]

A total of 9.33 kilograms (20.6 lb) of this meteorite was collected after it broke up during its impact with the Earth.[3]


It is classified as H4-ordinary chondrite.[1]


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