Battle of Dormans


The Battle of Dormans was fought on 10 October 1575, during the 5th War of Religion in France, between the armies of Henry I, Duke of Guise (i.e. Catholics) and the Huguenot-recruited German army of John Casimir of the Palatinate-Simmern (i.e. Protestants).[1]

Battle of Dormans
Part of the 5th War of Religion in France
Date10 October 1575[1]
Near the village of Dormans, on the Marne[1]
Result Catholic victory
Catholics Huguenots / Protestants
Commanders and leaders
Henry I, Duke of Guise John Casimir of the Palatinate-Simmern

At Dormans, the Duke of Guise was wounded in his face, which gave him the nickname "Le Balafré".[2] According to Penny Richards: "This scar and this name, with which he was thereafter frequently depicted, contributed to his legendary reputation".[2]

Though the Duke of Guise achieved a victory at Dormans, in its aftermath, he was unable to break through the defences of François de Montmorency.[1][2] The 5th war concluded with the Edict of Beaulieu in May 1576.[1]


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