Battle of In Arab


The Battle of In Arab (Arabic:فن السبة) was a two-day-long armed confrontation between a unit of the MNLA and a group of MOJWA fighters. The battle resulted in an Azawad victory but both sides suffered casualties.

Battle of In Arab
Part of Northern Mali conflict
Battle of In Arab is located in Mali
In Arab
In Arab
Battle of In Arab (Mali)
Date29–30 March 2013
(2 days)
between Anefif and Bourem, Mali
Result Azawad Victory

Azawad Azawad

Commanders and leaders
Mossa Ag Attaher Abou Haq Younousse 
Casualties and losses
7-9 killed
8 injured
17 killed
1 captured
4 vehicles destroyed

Timeline edit

On 29 March, Tuareg specialists part of the MNLA (Movement for the National Liberation of Azawad) clashed with jihadists rebels between the cities of Anefif and Bourem in Northern Mali, located on the border between the Kidal and Gao Cercles. According to the MNLA a military unit of the Azawad army clashed with terrorists elements from the MOJWA.

The battle was said to have lasted all day and left at least two to four fighters from the MNLA and five terrorists dead. However, a Malian security source said the fighting took place around the village of Almoustarat and left 20 dead on the side of the MNLA and two on the Islamists. The MNLA said that the nationality of the jihadists were listed as three Algerians, one Malian and one Mauritian, also one Tuareg was taken prisoner.

On 30 March, clashes continued in the afternoon around the village of In-Arab to the north west of Teghboubinene where the previous fighting was said to be held.

Outcome edit

After two hours of allegedly battling the brigade of the "Signatories by the Blood" led by Mokhtar belMokhtar, the group was defeated leaving at least 17 dead, including five MNLA fighters and around twelve jihadists. Abou Haq Younousse the brigades leader was said to be among those killed[1][2]

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