Battle of Vimory


Battle of Vimory
Date26 October 1587
Location47°56′35″N 2°40′37″E / 47.943°N 2.677°E / 47.943; 2.677Coordinates: 47°56′35″N 2°40′37″E / 47.943°N 2.677°E / 47.943; 2.677
Result Catholic victory
Royal Army (Catholics) Huguenots, German and Swiss mercenaires
Commanders and leaders
Henry I, Duke of Guise Fabien I, Burgrave of Dohna
William-Robert de la Marck, Duke of Bouillon
? 25,000
Casualties and losses
? ?

The Battle of Vimory, occurred on 26 October 1587 between the French royal (Catholic) forces of King Henry III of France commanded by Henry of Guise and German and Swiss mercenaries commanded by Fabien I, Burgrave of Dohna and William-Robert de la Marck, Duke of Bouillon who were hired to assist Henry of Navarre's Huguenot forces during the eighth and final war (1585-1598) of the French Wars of Religion.

The Protestant mercenaries were funded by Elizabeth I of England and the King of Denmark. After having pillaged the Lorraine region, they arrived in Burgundy and entered into the Beauce region. However, conflicts divided the two commanders and their German and Swiss troops.

The Swiss troops were surprised by Henry of Guise's army, and were routed. The reiters retreated to the castle of Auneau and the Swiss decided to negotiate with the royal troops.

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