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 Bay Terrace
MTA NYC logo.svg Staten Island Railway station (rapid transit)
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Bay Terrace station in September 2020
Station statistics
AddressJustin Avenue & South Railroad Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10306
BoroughStaten Island
LocaleBay Terrace
Coordinates40°33′24″N 74°08′12″W / 40.55658°N 74.13663°W / 40.55658; -74.13663 (Bay Terrace Station)Coordinates: 40°33′24″N 74°08′12″W / 40.55658°N 74.13663°W / 40.55658; -74.13663 (Bay Terrace Station)
ServicesLocal All times (All times)
Platforms1 island platform
Other information
OpenedEarly 1900s (Whitlock)
c. 1910s (Bay Terrace)
Station code512[1]
Former/other namesWhitlock
Station succession
Next northOakwood Heights
Next southGreat Kills

Bay Terrace is a Staten Island Railway station in the neighborhood of Bay Terrace, Staten Island, New York.


The station opened in the early 1900s,[2] as Whitlock.[3] Whitlock was located on Park Place (present-day-Railroad Avenue) in between Washington Avenue (Hopkins Avenue) and Grant Avenue (Spratt Avenue).[4] On December 18, 1912, a public hearing was held by the Public Service Commission (PSC), which among other things, was hearing the Staten Island Rapid Transit Company (SIRT)'s petition to abandon the Whitlock station and replace it with the Bay Terrace station.[5] The movement of the station was done in anticipation of a change in the center of population in the area. The new station was to be built 1,594 feet (486 m) to the south of the Whitlock station.[6]

On April 13, 1922, the SIRT petitioned to the PSC to move the station 1,000 feet (300 m) to the east of the station to Lincoln Road and to renamed the station Rice Manor. The PSC denied the application as the move would allow fewer people to use the station. There were 35 homes immediately surrounding the existing station while there were only 3 at the proposed location. The move was intended to spur development in the surrounding area.[7]

Station layout

The station is located on an embankment at Bay Terrace and South Railroad Avenue on the main line. It has an island platform and exits are located at both ends. During a renovation, the glass windows and exterior staircases were refurbished at both ends.

Platform level
Southbound NYCS-bull-trans-SIR-Std.svg toward Great Kills or Tottenville (Great Kills)
NYCS-bull-trans-SIR-Std.svg rush hour express does not stop here
Island platform
Northbound NYCS-bull-trans-SIR-Std.svg toward St. George (Oakwood Heights)
G Street level Exit/entrance, parking, buses


The north exit leads to Justin Avenue while the south exit leads to Bay Terrace.[8] Both ends have a street-level underpass, but the one at the south end is pedestrian-only while the north end is for both pedestrians and vehicles. The south end has greenery outside both sides of the underpass. This greenery is maintained by the New York City Parks Department.


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