Beijing College Student Film Festival


Beijing College Student Film Festival
LocationBeijing, China
Beijing College Student Film Festival
Traditional Chinese北京大學生電影節
Simplified Chinese北京大学生电影节

Beijing College Student Film Festival, first held in 1993, is an annual event organized by Beijing Normal University and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television.[1] It is held in April or May, and is one of the biggest film festivals in China, along with Shanghai International Film Festival and Changchun Film Festival.

It awards several "Flying Tiger" Awards (Chinese: 飞虎) for jury award and students' choice award categories. The "favorite" categories always be the last announced in each ceremony.

Awards categories

Jury Award

Jury composed by college students, teachers, and film reviewers in Beijing.

  • Best Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Visual Effect
  • Best Directorial Debut
  • Grand Jury Prix
Students' Choice Award

National wide college students online votes (80% weight) and festival screenings (Beijing, Shanghai etc.) tickets votes (20% weight).

Major Award Winners

Year # Best Film Best Director Best Actor Best Actress
1993 1st San Mao Joins the Army
Stand Up, Don't Bend Over
Hu Yajie
for Old-Mother Soil
Xi Meijuan
for Jiang Zhuying
1994 2nd Back to Back, Face to Face
Family Scandal
Niu Zhenhua
for Back to Back, Face to Face
Ding Jiali
for No More Applause
1995 3rd The Accused Uncle Shangang Li Shaohong
for Red Powder
Li Rentang
for The Accused Uncle Shangang
1996 4th The Day the Sun Turned Cold
On the Beat
Zhu Xu
for The King of Masks
Ning Jing
for The Bewitching Braid
1998 5th Genghis Khan Zhang Yang
for Spicy Love Soup
Wang Xueqi
for Red Suit
Ai Liya
for Genghis Khan
1999 6th Not One Less Teng Wenji
for Rhapsody of Spring
Teng Rujun
for Postmen in the Mountains
Tao Hong (born 1972)
for A Beautiful New World
2000 7th Something About Secret Lu Xuechang
for A Lingering Face
Jiang Wu
for Shower
Jiang Shan
for Something About Secret
2001 8th A Love of Blueness Xia Gang
for As Light as Glass
Zhang Guoli
for Sigh
Yuan Quan
for A Love of Blueness
2002 9th The Dream of a Young Soldier Huang Jianxin
for Who Cares
Fu Biao
for Escort
Hu Ke
for Chat
2003 10th Cala, My Dog! Sun Zhou
for Zhou Yu's Train
Sun Honglei
for Zhou Yu's Train
Ni Ping
for Pretty Big Feet
2004 11th Nuan Zheng Dongtian
for My Bitter Sweet Taiwan
Fan Wei
for The Parking Attendant In July
Yu Nan
The Story of Ermei
2005 12th A Story of Dun Zi Lu Chuan
for Kekexili: Mountain Patrol
Xia Yu
for Waiting Alone
Zhang Jingchu
for Huayao Bride In Shangri-la
2006 13th The Forest Ranger Zhang Yuan
for Little Red Flowers
Pu Cunxin
for A Bright Moon
Ni Ping
for Loach is Fish Too
2007 14th The Knot Ning Hao
for Crazy Stone
Li Yixiang
for One Foot Off the Ground
Siqin Gaowa
for The Postmodern Life of My Aunt
2008 15th Assembly Feng Xiaogang
for Assembly
Zhang Hanyu
for Assembly
Miao Pu
for Phoenix Red
2009 16th Forever Enthralled Zhang Jiarui
for Red River
Donnie Yen
for Ip Man
Zhou Xun
for The Equation of Love and Death
2010 17th The Message Wang Quan'an
for Apart Together
Huang Bo
for Cow
Tao Hong (born 1969)
for Death Dowry
2011 18th Aftershock Huo Jianqi
for The Seal of Love
Ge You
for Sacrifice
Fan Bingbing
for Buddha Mountain
2012 19th Mr. Tree Gu Changwei
for Love for Life
Li Xuejian
for Yang Shanzhou
Liang Jing
for Son of the Stars
2013 20th Back to 1942 Guan Hu
for Design of Death
Huang Bo
for Design of Death
Yan Bingyan
for Feng Shui
2014 21st Einstein and Einstein Diao Yinan
for Black Coal, Thin Ice
Nick Cheung
for Unbeatable
Tang Wei
for Finding Mr. Right
2015 22nd Dearest Jean-Jacques Annaud
for Wolf Totem
Qin Hao
for Blind Massage
Zhao Wei
for Dearest
Tao Hong
for Forgetting to Know You
2016 23rd The Final Master Jia Zhangke
forMountains May Depart
Feng Xiaogang
forMr. Six
Bai Baihe
for Go Away Mr. Tumor
2017 24th The Wasted Times Feng Xiaogang
for I Am Not Madame Bovary
Zhang Yi
for Cock and Bull
Wan Qian
for The Insanity
2018 25th Operation Red Sea Feng Xiaogang
for Youth
Chang Chen
for Brotherhood of Blades 2
Zhou Xun
for Our Time Will Come
2019 26th The Wandering Earth Wen Muye
for Dying to Survive
Xu Zheng
for Dying to Survive
Yao Chen
for Lost, Found

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