Belize Coast Guard


The Belize Coast Guard Service was originally established as a part of Belize Defence Force. established in November 2005 with the assistance of the United States Coast Guard. It became an independent branch of the Belizean military in November 2005. [1]


Its missions include internal security, search and rescue, hurricane preparation, and disaster relief. A key mission is cruise ship protection.[2]

The Coast Guard Service coordinates its activities with the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Police Department.[3]


As of November 2016, the Coast Guard service has a strength of 350 men and women, referred to as "guardsmen."

Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard is Captain Elton Bennett.[4]


The chief base of the Belize Coast Guard Service is located at mile 4 on the Western Highway. [1]

The new headquarters was built with the assistance from the US southern command. It was formerly located at Ladyville.

The Forward Operating Base at Calabash Caye was inaugurated on March 17, 2010. It was built at a cost of $3,000.000.00. [2]. Boats are stationed at Caye Caulker and San Pedro under the operational control of Ladyville.[5]


In 2007, the Coast Guard Service has eight boats in commission. There are no aircraft; for air searches the Coast Guard Service relies on the Belize Defence Force.

The Belize Coast Guard Service will receive several fast boats from the United States Coast Guard in 2008. These boats will have a maximum speed of 60 to 65 miles per hour (100 to 108 km/h).

On April 2010, the Coast Guard received two Boston Whaler Justice 37' patrol boats. Shortly they will receive an additional "Justice" and two Secure All-around Flotation Equipped (SAFE) boats. [3]

On November 2011, the Coast Guard received two Boston Whaler Outrage Justice Series boats, two SAFE Defender Class boats, two F-550 Ford trucks, and a 40-foot container filled with spare parts. [4][5]

The Belize National Coast Guard inaugurated a new facility on December 2, 2013. [6]


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