Bhatkyachi Bhramanti


Bhatkyachi Bhramanti (Journey of a tramp[1]) was a weekly column by Pramod Navalkar using the nom de plume of "Bhatkya" in the Sunday edition of Navshakti that ran for a time-span of 52 years. It was first published on 2 December, 1956.[2][3] The time-span of the column has found a mention in Limca Book of Records.[4]

In the column, Navalkar wrote about criminal gangs, gold smuggling rackets, prostitution dens, barmaids and other societal malices (in his opinion), often using disguises to gain entry into exclusive areas.[5][6][7] Navalkar wrote free of charge.[6] The column exposed shocking aspects of Mumbai's nightlife.[8]

Ashish Rajadhyaksha is quoted in a doctoral thesis describing this column as an example of "territorial realism".[9]


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