Biskop Hvoslef


Biskop Hvoslef.jpg
RS 38 Biskop Hvoslef
Name: Biskop Hvoslef
Namesake: Waldemar Hvoslef
Operator: Redningsselskapet
Launched: 1933
In service: 1933
Out of service: 1969
Status: Privately owned
General characteristics
Type: lifeboat

The Biskop Hvoslef is a veteran Norwegian sailing vessel. The vessel was named after Bishop Waldemar Hvoslef (1825-1906). Bjarne Aas designed the vessel which was his first rescue boat. The ship was built for the rescue company of Br. Fallfall in Hardanger and put into service in 1933. The ship was utilized as a search and rescue by the Redningsselskapet (Norwegian Society for Rescue at Sea) on the Norwegian coast between 1933 and 1969. It is now a privately owned vessel. [1][2][3]


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