Bistrica (Drina)


Foca Izbišno northwest canyon dobropoljke IMG 0852.JPG
Canyon of Bistrica, just downstream of confluence with its main headwater river the Dobropoljka.
Bistrica (Drina) is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bistrica (Drina)
EtymologyBistra voda / Clear water
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Physical characteristics
 • locationTreskavica
 • coordinates43°36′11″N 18°25′04″E / 43.603081°N 18.4178281°E / 43.603081; 18.4178281
 • elevation1280
 • location
Brod na Drini
 • coordinates
43°29′26″N 18°44′38″E / 43.4906034°N 18.7440062°E / 43.4906034; 18.7440062
 • elevation
394 metres (1,293 ft)
Length43.3 kilometres (26.9 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionDrina→-Sava→Danube→Black Sea
River systemDrina
CitiesMiljevina, Brod na Drini
 • leftDraženica, Vran, Rijeka, Miljevka
 • rightGradovi potok, Oteša, Gvoza

Bistrica is the left tributary of the Drina. It springs out of the massif of Treskavica mountain. The source-group is made up of a dozen smaller springs and streams, while the Bistrica spring itself is located in a cave at 1280 m above sea level at the site of Siljevice.[1]

The length of the river is 43.3 km, its catchment area is 425.0 km², and its mouth is located at Vučijak locality in Brod na Drini, near Foča, at 394 m above sea level. The most significant left tributaries are Drazenica 10.8 km long, and the Miljevka river 13.2 km long, while the right tributaries are Oteša 15.2 km long, and Govza 21.9 km long.[1]



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