Bloomberg Beta


Bloomberg Beta
IndustryVenture Capital
FoundedJune 2013; 8 years ago (2013-06)
FounderBloomberg L.P.
Key people
Roy Bahat
Karin Klein
James Cham
Total assets$225 million

Bloomberg Beta is an early stage venture capital firm with $225M under management, capitalized solely by Bloomberg. The fund exists to expand Bloomberg’s horizons by investing in companies that are creating profound change in the way business operates,[1] with a focus on machine intelligence and the future of work. Bloomberg Beta was recognized by VC review site CB Insights as the #2 investor in AI.[2]

Led by Roy Bahat, the firm has an unconventional investing model where anyone on the team can independently say yes to a deal. The fund's operating manual is publicly available online.[3]

Bloomberg Beta launched in June 2013 with $75 million of funding from Bloomberg L.P.[4][5] A second fund of $75 million[6] was announced in July 2016. In October 2019, they announced a third fund of $75 million.[7] Bloomberg Beta is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with additional operations in New York City.

Areas where the firm invests[8] include: content discovery, cybersecurity, data sets and services, developer tools, full-stack startups using technology to compete in a new way, hardware, human-computer interaction, learning, media distribution, new organizational models, open-source software, productivity tools, professional networks, technology platforms, workflow tools, and workplace communication.

The firm uses data to find new customers. Their "Future Founders"[9] project started in 2014[10] to predict who will start companies before they do.[11] In 2014, it began publishing an annual Machine Intelligence landscape to better understand what was happening in the startup ecosystem with artificial intelligence and machine learning.[12] the firm is the organizer behind "Comeback Cities,"[13] taking groups of venture capitalists[14] and members of congress[15] on bus tours throughout America[16] to find untapped beds of talent and entrepreneurship.[17]


Bloomberg Beta consists of three full-time partners: Roy Bahat, Karin Klein, and James Cham.

Relationship with Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg Beta is operated as a separate entity from Bloomberg L.P., which is the sole investor in the fund.[18]


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