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The Boeing Technical Fellowship program is a highly selective technical leadership career path[1][2] at The Boeing Company, similar in nature to the IBM Fellows program. Established in 1989, the role of the engineers and scientists serving as Technical Fellows is to set technical direction for Boeing, and to resolve issues that arise when the company creates new products.[3] There are three levels in the Boeing Technical Fellowship program, each level reflecting varying degrees of impact within the company and in the industry at large: Associate Technical Fellow, Technical Fellow, and Senior Technical Fellow. In addition to Senior Technical Fellows, who are the director level, in 2019 Boeing added the level of Principal Technical Fellow, at the senior director level, and Distinguished Technical Fellow, at the vice president level.[4]

Election into the Technical Fellowship follows a formal process. Prospective Technical Fellows are nominated by management, and evaluated by the program based on five criteria:[1]

  1. technical knowledge and judgment
  2. creative problem solving and innovation
  3. technical leadership, advising and consulting
  4. capability as a teacher and mentor
  5. technical vision.

If the candidate shows strength in these areas, the candidate is then interviewed by a board. If the results of the interview are positive, the candidate advances to the Chief technology officer's office, for review and approval. As a result of the vetting process, the program includes only approximately 1.5% of Boeing’s workforce and represents “some of the best engineering and scientific minds at Boeing and in the industry.”[1]

Notable people

This is a partial list of Boeing Associate Technical Fellows (ATF), Technical Fellows (TF), Senior Technical Fellows (STF), Principal Senior Technical Fellows (PSTF) and Distinguished Senior Technical Fellows (DSTF)

  • Beth Biddle (STF) - Advanced Learning[5]
  • Mark Boyd (STF) - Software Architecture and Engineering[5]
  • Mike Bryan (STF) - Engineering Test Pilot[5]
  • Pat Estell (STF) - Structures Engineering[5]
  • Miriam Grace (STF) - Systems Architecture[5]
  • Antony Hunt (TF) - Modeling and Simulation. Also a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. [6]
  • Dragos Margineantu (STF) - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning[5]
  • Bobby Mathew (STF) - Vertical Lift Design[5]
  • Steve Monson (STF) - Simulation and Training[5]
  • Carol Nguyen (STF) - Contamination Control[5]
  • John Palmer (STF) - Systems Engineering Architecture and Integration[5]
  • Amy Reiss (STF) - Product Security[5]
  • Robert Smith (STF) - Avionics and Sensing[5]
  • Richard Aston (PSTF) - Space Systems Structures and Additive Manufacturing[5]
  • Jeff Miller (PSTF) - Production Engineering[5]
  • Alex Rubin (PSTF) - Composite Materials and Fabrication Technologies[5]
  • Michael Drake (STF) - Boeing's Domain Lead for Aircraft Configuration Design.[7]
  • Don Farr (STF) - Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T) in the Systems, Support, and Analytics Integrated Technology Team.[8]
  • Nia Jetter (2017, TF) - Boeing’s Domain Lead for artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and data science. Jetter is the first African-American woman BTF.[9]
  • Anne Kao (STF) - Boeing Research and Technology. Developed Part Name Discovery Analytics (PANDA), a tool associated to data analytics.[10]
  • Janice Karty (2006, TF) - Boeing' Domain expert in the theory, analysis and application of electromagnetics.[11]
  • Samuel Pedigo (2021, ATF) - Boeing Research and Technology. Boeing designated expert (BDE) in robotics. Developed robotic systems for aerospace composites manufacturing.[12]


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