Bukovo monastery


Bukovo monastery
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Bukovo monastery
Monastery information
Full nameМанастир Буково
OrderSerbian Orthodox
Established14th century
Controlled churchesMiloševo church
Founder(s)Stefan Milutin
LocationNegotin, Serbia
Coordinates44°12′57″N 22°29′34″E / 44.2159°N 22.4928°E / 44.2159; 22.4928Coordinates: 44°12′57″N 22°29′34″E / 44.2159°N 22.4928°E / 44.2159; 22.4928

Bukovo monastery (Буково) is a late 13th- or early 14th century Serbian Orthodox monastery on the slopes of Bratujevac in Negotin, Serbia, founded by Serbian king Stefan Milutin (1282–1321) of the House of Nemanjić. It is surrounded by woods at the hill of Bratujevac, the frescoes in the monastery includes the Holy Mother in a circle of angels and Saint Michael. The bell was donated by Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović (1815–1839) in the 1830s. Renovation was made in 1902; painting by Steva Todorović in the Romantic style, frescoes by Milisav Marković.[1]


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