Burrowing Owl Conservation Network


Burrowing Owl Conservation Network
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Type501(c)(3) non-profit organization
FocusBurrowing owl, habitat and wildlife conservation
Area served
United States
MethodConservation, ecosystem restoration, education, research, collaboration, outreach

Burrowing Owl Conservation Network is a United States-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2008 and is dedicated to "the protection and restoration of burrowing owls and promot[ing] the preservation and careful management of habitat to prevent loss, foster healthy populations, and maintain intact natural communities for an ecologically sound future."[1][2] The organization is active in California political intervention aimed at burrowing owl protection, and fundraising used for conservation, education and outreach, raptor research, and advocacy.[3][4] The organization's efforts include habitat protection, ecosystem restoration, collaborations with private lands owners, government agencies and non-profit organizations, and installation of artificial burrows.[5][6]

The organization was originally named "Friends of East Bay Owls" and its mission was focused on protecting burrowing owls and habitat in East Bay.[1][7] The organization's mission and work has expanded throughout California and North America.[1] The organization has offices in Visalia, Berkeley and Redding, California. The Burrowing Owl Conservation Network is a project of Earth Island Institute.[2]

Conservation Strategy Petition

Burrowing Owl Conservation Network spearheaded a 2011 statewide petition for the "immediate development, release for public comment and implementation of a Comprehensive Conservation Strategy for Burrowing Owls." This petition was a joint project with Defenders of Wildlife and was signed by 22 other California organizations representing more than 209,000 Californians.[8][9]

Earth Island Institute

Burrowing Owl Conservation Network was adopted by Earth Island Institute on July 24, 2010.[2][5] Earth Island Institute provides Burrowing Owl Conservation Network with fiscal sponsorship and administrative support for their grassroots efforts.[10]


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