Bushmaster IV


Bushmaster IV
TypeChain-driven autocannon
Place of originUnited States
Production history
DesignerAlliant Techsystems
ManufacturerAlliant Techsystems
MassReceiver: 198 kg (437 lb)
Feeder: 29 kg (64 lb)
Barrel: 138 kg (304 lb)
Total: 365 kg (805 lb)
Length4,018 mm (158.2 in)
Width430 mm (17 in)
Height478 mm (18.8 in)

ActionOpen bolt
Feed systemLinkless feed

The Bushmaster IV is a 40 mm chain-driven autocannon designed and built by Alliant Techsystems, based on the M242 Bushmaster, Bushmaster II and Bushmaster III.[1][2] The Bushmaster IV fires 40×365mm 3P (Prefragmented, Programmable, Proximity-fuzed), APFSDS-T Mk I, and APFSDS-T Mk II rounds. The 3P round will provide air burst capability and the APFSDS-T Mk II can penetrate armor with a thickness in excess of 150 millimeters. [3]


The Bushmaster IV requires 5 hp (3.7 kW) at 24 volts to operate, fires from a cook off safe open bolt with absolute hangfire protection, and ejects forwards. It fires NATO standard 40×365mm ammunition from an integral linkless feed and has a recoil force of 62,272 N (13,999 lbf). The ammunition was originally developed for the Bofors 40mm L/70 cannon.

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