Butochiyn Tsog


Butochiyn Tsog
Native name
Бутачийн Цог
Born(1912-05-25)25 May 1912
Sergelen, Töv
Died10 August 1989(1989-08-10) (aged 77)
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Allegiance Soviet Union
 Mongolian People's Republic
Service/branchCoat of arms of the People's republic of Mongolia.svg Mongolian People's Army
Years of service1936 - 1985
RankColonel General
Spouse(s)Natalya Barsukova

Butochiyn Tsog (Mongolian: Бутачийн Цог) was a Mongolian politician and military leader in the Mongolian People's Republic from the 1950s up until 1985. He is credited with building Mongolian military strength in the 60s and 70s.[1]


He was born 25 May 1912 in Mongolia. At the age of 10, he was a student at Manjushri Monastery. From 1929, he worked as a raw material manager, head of a cooperative and head of a department in the State Cooperative and “Mongol Teeh”.[2] In 1937, he graduated from the Sumy Artillery School in Ukraine. He headed the Artillery Division of the Mongolian military. During Battles of Khalkhin Gol, he fought with famous Soviet military leaders such as Georgy Zhukov and Nikolai Voronov. In 1945, he participated in the East Prussian offensive. During these operations, he led a Red Army tank brigade.[3]

After the end of World War II, he continued his service in the Mongolian People's Army. He graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff in 1956, becoming the first Mongolian graduate of the academy.[3] He contributed to the establishment of a civil aviation industry separate from the Mongolian Air Force. He has held senior positions in the Mongolian Army, such as Chief of Staff (1965-1970),[4] Deputy Minister of Defense, and First Deputy Minister of Defense.[5][4] In these roles, he commanded the annual Naadam parade on Sükhbaatar Square and received it once in 1980 after Jarantyn Avkhia came down with an illness.[3] In 1985, he retired and went to Moscow with his wife. In August 1989, Tsog arrived in the Mongolian capital to celebrate the golden jubilee (50th anniversary) of Khalkin Gol, where he died on the 10th of that month.


On July 8, 2012, by the resolution of the Presidium of the Aimag Citizens' Representative Khural, a monument to Tsog exists in Zuunmod in the Töv Province.[2] The 016th Mechanised Brigade based at Sergelen near Ulaanbaatar is named after him.[6]

Personal life

He was married to Natalya Barsukova, an ethnic Russian. He had 2 children, Gennady and Svetlana, and 5 grandchildren Kocsis, Balazs, Hervert, Tsog and Beata. His son Gennady (1939-2012) was a major general living in Hungary. The father and son were only one of two cases in which a general's son later became a general.[7][8]





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