CMC Electronics


CMC Electronics Inc.
TypePublic company
FoundedMontreal, Quebec (1903)
FounderGuglielmo Marconi
Key people
Michel Potvin
Robert W. Cremin (CEO)
ProductsFMS, EFB, Enhanced Vision System, GPS, Mission computer ,Satcom antenna
ServicesSystem integration, Human Factors
Number of employees
≈1300 worldwide
ParentEsterline Technologies Corporation NYSE: ESL

CMC Electronics Inc. (French: CMC Électronique) is a Canadian electronics company and part of Esterline Corporation's Avionics & Controls business segment. The company's principal manufacturing facility is located in Montreal, Quebec, with additional facilities located in Ottawa, Ontario and Sugar Grove, Illinois.


The company was founded in 1903 as Canadian Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada by Guglielmo Marconi.[1] In 1925 the company was renamed Canadian Marconi Company. In 1948 English Electric purchased the UK based Marconi Company and in 1953 acquired 50.6% of Canadian Marconi Company.[1]

In 1968 English Electric was itself purchased by General Electric Company (GEC), which took control of the 50.6% share of CMC.

On November 30, 1999 British Aerospace completed its purchase of GEC's Canadian Electronic Systems to form BAE Systems. In December 1999 BAE Systems purchased GEC's 51.6% share of CMC in a separate transaction. In February 2000 the company changed its name to BAE Systems Canada. In April 2001 ONCAP (an investment group comprising Onex Corporation and other investors) completed its purchase of BAE Systems Canada. This saw BAE Systems sell its then 54% majority share and ONCAP purchase the remaining 46% publicly held shares. The company was then renamed CMC Electronics since it had previously sold its rights for the Marconi name to Marconi plc. In 2007, after owning the company for 6 years, the investment time frame initially planned by ONCAP, CMC Electronics was sold to, and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corporation.[2]

Company structure

CMC Electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transdigm. CMC has two primary operating business units: Avionics Products, and Cockpit System Integration. A third business unit, NavComm, is Canada's largest distributor of marine electronics. According to a 2009 company presentation, 50% of the company's sales go to the USA, 19% to Canada, and 31% to overseas customers. It has an approximate 50/50 split between commercial sales and military sales. The President of CMC Electronics is Mr. Robin St-Arnaud.

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