Cadet Wing Director of Operations (AFCW/DO)


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The Cadet Wing Director of Operations holds the rank of C/Col, the highest firstie rank.

The Cadet Wing Director of Operations (AFCW/DO or Wing Director of Operations) of the United States Air Force Academy is a senior cadet responsible for the day-to-day operation, readiness, and discipline of the 4000-strong Cadet Wing.[1] The Wing Director of Operations also oversees the Cadet Wing Operations Center[2] and reports directly to the Wing Commander as an influential part of command decisions. This role, including that of the Cadet Wing Commander, Vice Wing Commander, and other line positions, has been linked to a higher rate of promotion to Lieutenant Colonel amongst Academy graduates.[3] Any cadet who fills this position is often referred as the “Wing D.O.” among cadets. This role is also reflected at the squadron and group levels of organization as Squadron D.O. and Group D.O. respectively.[4]

As a member of “Wing Top 3”, the Cadet Wing Director of Operations is the chief administrator of the cadet discipline system, authorizing and monitoring demerit, tours, and confinement work. He/she also implements military, academic, athletic, standardization/evaluation, and training programs. Lastly, the “Wing D.O.” is in charge of approving the distribution of the daily Routine Order to the Cadet Wing, which details the Uniform of the Day, Senior Officer, and general activities for each day.[4]

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