Calanthe discolor


Calanthe discolor
Calanthe discolor2.jpg
Scientific classification
C. discolor
Binomial name
Calanthe discolor
Lindl. (1838)
  • Calanthe striata var. discolor (Lindl.) Maxim (1873)
  • Alismorkis discolor (Lindl.) Kuntze (1891)
  • Calanthe discolor var. kanashiroi Fukuy.
  • Calanthe discolor f. quinquelamellata M.Hiroe (1971)
  • Calanthe discolor f. kanashiroi (Fukuy.) K.Nakaj. (1972)
  • Calanthe variegata Scheidw.
  • Calanthe lurida Decne.
  • Calanthe discolor var. viridialba Maxim.
  • Calanthe esquirolii Schltr.
  • Calanthe tyoh-harae Makino
  • Calanthe cheniana Hand.-Mazz.
  • Calanthe amamiana var. latilabellata Ida
  • Calanthe discolor var. divaricatipetala Ida
  • Calanthe tokunoshimensis Hatus. & Ida
  • Calanthe tokunoshimensis f. latilabella (Ida) Hatus.

Calanthe discolor is a species of orchid. It is native to Korea, Japan (including Nansei-shoto), and China (Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Zhejiang).[2][3] It is a well-known species found in Japan, the southern part of Korea and China. Its vernacular name in Japanese, ebine, (海老根) means "shrimp-root" in reference to the shape of the plant's pseudobulbs and root system.[4][5]


Two varieties are currently accepted (May 2014):[2]


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