Canadian Machine Gun Corps


The Canadian Machine Gun Corps (CMGC) was an administrative corps of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) and of the Canadian Militia.[1][2][3] It was part of the CEF sent to France during World War I. The Canadian Permanent Machine Gun Brigade was organized in the Permanent Force on 16 April 1917. The Canadian Permanent Machine Gun Brigade was redesignated the Royal Canadian Permanent Machine Gun Brigade on 16 June 1921. The Royal Canadian Permanent Machine Gun Brigade was disbanded on 1 November 1923. The Non-Permanent Active Militia component of the CMGC continued to serve until it was disbanded as part of the 1936 Canadian Militia reorganization, and its roles were transferred to the newly formed infantry (machine gun) battalions.[4][5] The CMGC donated a wall plaque at St. George's Church in Ypres.[6]

Canadian Machine Gun Corps
Active16 April 1917 – 15 December 1936
BranchCanadian Expeditionary Force (1917–1918)
Canadian Militia (1919–1936)
TypeMachine gunners
RoleDirect and indirect machine gun fire
Part ofCanadian Expeditionary Force (1917–1918)
Permanent Active Militia (1919–1923)
Non-Permanent Active Militia (1919–1936)
Nickname(s)"Emma Gees"
EngagementsFirst World War
Raymond Brutinel


The Canadian Machine Gun Corps was formed on 16 April 1917 and the official publication of the formation occurred in the Canadians' Routine Order 558 of 22 February 1917. It was initially composed of:

  • Machine Gun Squadron, Canadian Cavalry Brigade,
  • Machine gun companies,
  • 1st Motor Machine Gun Brigade and motor machine gun batteries,
  • A depot organized in England on 4 January 1917 (authorized by Canadians' Routine Order 150 of same date).[7]

Related unitsEdit

This unit was allied with the Machine Gun Corps of the British Army.


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